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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Tomorrow is my last day of work at FHHM.

What can I say? It was many things. It was real.

I'm slightly bummed that it had to end this way, because I think it's about the closest I've ever come to having my dream job. In fact, it really was literally my dream job -- just with pretty shitty pay. But rather than focus on all the things that were oh-so wrong about it, I want to take away the memory that -- at least for a somewhat brief period in my life -- I was doing exactly the thing that I wanted to do.

I got to listen to albums before they came out, I got to go to concerts for free and I got to see my name in print.

It was a ridiculous dream in some respects, but it was mine and I kind of got it to work for awhile. So no regrets from my side.

I got my fancy new electronic passport last week and my new work permit on Wednesday. I jump right into my new job next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. Honestly though, I don't quite know what to expect or what exactly my new responsibilities entitle. I'll figure it out though...somehow.

Some people might go so far as to call this a "grown up job", but I don't like how that implies that I've heretofore been something less than an adult. And if that's your opinion, then I'd like to sit down with you and compare notes on adulthood. 'Cause I could tell you some stuff, man...

At any rate, I'm just glad that I'm not gonna have to be teaching English or some B.S. like that (no offense to any English teachers out there, but nothing kills my (metaphorical) boner for life than the thought of having to impart any kind of knowledge to another person).

On the good news front: My bday party is SO on.

On the great news front: I'm off to Dresden tomorrow to re-celebrate Easter with The Boy and His Mama.

On the awesome news front: I found out that Gertraud, my favoritest Smith prof, is heading up the JYA program this fall. I'm so psyched about this that I would willingly volunteer for Smith alumnae activities just to hang out with her. This says a lot because my 5-year college reunion is this year...and I could honestly not give a shit.

Over and out.

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