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Friday, May 02, 2008

Clearing my thoughtcicles

Big Bear - Doin Thangs

It's kind of sad to think how long it's taken me to get around to posting this (awesome beyond words) album cover. Ah yes, 1998 -- back in the good ol' days when a feisty No Limit Solider inspired rap cover designers everywhere to say "Uhhh! (uhhh!) ph-photoshop, ph-photoshop!"

Like Mr. Bear, I have also been recently involved in a number of nondescript and vague activities that are probably most effectively categorized under the heading of "doin thangs". What kind of "thangs"? I'd say that'd have to be mostly "big" and "lots of".

Thank goodness it's May, though. My Schedule of Thangs is a bit more open. With two federal holidays, my birthday party + one vacation day, followed up by a 3-day airplane expo (wherein I look forward to consuming free "business juice" (i.e. alcohol) and passing around my business card) -- I really will only have "worked" slightly under 3 weeks out of the entire month. No bad at all...

I should really write more, but instead I'm gonna get out of the apartment and, you know, do some other thangs...

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