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Saturday, May 17, 2008

T minus

My birthday party is about 2.5 hours to be exact.

Frosty's in town, two of his friends from Dresden are staying with us as well.
Schmidt has been hiding my present in his room for the past couple of days -- in addition to hijacking some birthday mail from Pickles (yes, it got here on time, but Schmiddy won't let me have it til tonight.)

I'm kind of nervous/excited in a way. I don't really have an accurate head count. So, I'm mostly going to just let myself be surprised. Either way it'll work, I think. If the turnout isn't so big, then it just means more free drinks for the people that do show up and a nice and comfy third-party location in which to celebrate. And if a whole bunch of people show up...then I will not complain.

Pictures and post-party report to come later...

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