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Sunday, November 09, 2008

All Setup, No Punchline #1: Mistaken Identity

Creator of Politaoke
and parallel universe me (aka Supa D). 

Do you have a light brown complexion?
Are you under 5'5"? 
Is your hair curly or relaxed?
Do you wear glasses (either occasionally or all the time)?
Do how possess a wit, charm and a million dollar smile that melts the stoney cold hearts of all around you?
Are you amply endowed in the chestal and/or buttocksal regions?

If you answered yes to all of these questions...then it's quite possible that you and I have been (at some point in our lives) mistaken for one another. I don't know if you've ever been mistaken for someone else, but I have. A lot. Apparently, many people have cousins or friends with remarkably similar appearances as myself. Additionally, I have quite a few cousins and friends that you may have possibly somehow encountered and who have told you that they have a cousin or a friend that looks a lot like you. And so it happens.

Back at home these cases of mistaken identity were not exactly few and far between. I just happened to resemble a person that the inquiring party had seen/known somewhere during the course of their lifetime. In other words, it was more abstract rather than concrete.

Since I've been living in Germany, every time I encounter another buxom, lightly brown skinned,  somewhat shorter in stature woman (at work, or a party or some other type of gathering) the first thought in my mind is, "The people here aren't going to be able to tell us apart." And sometimes, I find myself purposely maintaining a distance from the other person, as to not cause any undue confusion.

This is not a negative critique really, more of an observation. I've been approached by a stranger at more than one party with the phrase, "OH!! IT'S...YOU!!!" And almost automatically, I know it's not me they're thinking of...

It's the other short, curvy, brown chick at the party...


Pickles said...

Why is your parallel universe self shooting a machine gun? If she were a little taller, a lot lighterskined, and with longer hair she'd be my parallel universe self. Then again, I've already had my mistaken identity incident for the day. Can you say, "No speaky the Mexican"?

lebrookski said...

supa d, is in fact, dominican....for the record...
also i bet if she were to straighten her hair (which i'd never ask her to do) it would be really effing long. and no, she couldn't be your parallel universe self, because she's already MY parallel universe self ( as in we have led remarkably parallel lives, where we've encountered many of identical situations, but have made opposite decisions). i would call her "alternate reality raven" but she is indeed her own person.

but to answer your question: she was shooting a machine gun because it was a bachelor party....

and a bachelor party is incomplete unless someone is shooting rounds from a machine gun...

Etch said...

No way!!!

There's only ONE awesome,terrific,one-of-a-kind MISSY! ;o)

No chance to get this wrong!