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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beer at 2pm

I'm on vacation, currently taking a break from walking around the city and eating lunch in the "Coyote Café" in Tübingen (an American/Mexican restaurant/bar with free WLAN). And, since I don't have to perform any amazing feats of brain strength, I am indeed drinking a large beer with my lunch. Hooray for Germany, hooray for vacation! 

Frosty is smack in the middle of his first semester at the university here, so even though his birthday was yesterday...he's been studying his ass off since I've arrived. As such, I've had to entertain myself most days, which has afforded me some much-needed "Me Time"

My first impressions of Tübingen? Cute town, very hilly, a noticeable (at least to me and in comparison to Hamburg) lack of panhandlers and an almost equally noticeable abundance of unaccompanied school-aged children wandering around the streets seemingly unaware of oncoming cars.

I just looked out the window of the café and there are four little girls playing directly on the train! They just keep walking back and forth...get off the tracks chil'rens!!!

Also, I noticed this:

And this...

And I found an Afro, not too shabby TÜ-town...

I just realized that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I feel like I haven't celebrated Thanksgiving in forever. Probably because I haven't. Oh well...

More to come, as I see fit...


mofo from do said...

Excellent, keep writing that Dönerführer

cheffe said...

i think, i've had a beer at that place earlier this year... (mostly because I don't think that they have two mexican bars in tübingen)