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Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's taken a couple of days to get my Tübingen pictures up. Sorry. I uploaded a bunch of them on Monday, but then I forgot to save the slideshow and -- whatever, not important really, because they're here now.

Granted, the photos aren't particular thrilling. Tübingen is neither a particularly glamorous, nor exotic locale. It basically looks like the way I imagined Germany would look like before I'd ever been here: cute, half-timbered houses set against a sort of quaint, mountainy-type backdrop.

I think I ended up taking more pictures of random graffiti and stickers, but unfortunately many of them winded up being unusable. Some of my favorite slogans? Quite a number of them were seemingly random and revolved around foods:

  • "Currywurst will save you" (Currywurst wird dich erlösen - written on either side of a door displaying a flag with the words "Jesus Freaks")

  • "Falafel never changes" (Falafel ändert sich nie)

  • "Pinguin, eat Currywurst!" (Pinguin, iss Currywurst!)
Then there was the completely random scribbling of the phrase "Kill Public Prosecutors" (Töte Staatsanwälte) on the back of a tanning salon.

But I think my very favorite has to be "What would Bender do?"
I actually do have a picture of that one though and you can see it above (if you haven't already).

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