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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yoga Frog

The worst part about being a "grown up" is when you spend over 1/3 of your day around people that you mostly can't stand. It really fucks up that 1/3 of the day that you want to spend around people that you like and it's quite annoying when that last third (the sleeping part) incorporates horrible dreams about work/your workplace.

Because of the public nature of the internet, I won't go into my exact train of thought regarding a number of my colleagues. Suffice it to say, there are some for whom I wish a pox upon their houses (preferably, a pox of something really painful genital herpes). There's probably nothing grammatically correct in the previous sentence, but I don't care. Eff it.

Today, I received the plaster-cast, goldeny-spray painted yoga frog pictured above. It was a gift from our company's travel agency and, as our company's designated travel manager, it was given to me by default. Look at that shiny bastard. He's so content. It doesn't matter what comes his way, he's just all like "OMMMMMMMMMM -- bitches!!"

And that's exactly what I thought about each time I glanced over at him today.

His name is Lucient...and he's my yoga frog.

When I leave this company, he's coming with.


mofo from do said...

rub his belly, it's good luck.

also, are you trying to say morgan freeman is a golden ever-meditating frog?

lebrookski said...

re: morgan freeman

answer: yes

katie said...

i love your frog and the fact that you named him. things need names. oh, i named my fancy tv zelda because she makes a crazy one life up noise when you turn her on or off.

Kelley said...

Dude.. that is the coolest present i have ever seen