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Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Christmas Story Part 3


I arrived in Giessen around 9pm on December 23rd. Frosty had gotten in about three days before and came to pick me up. C. Dub was due to arrive about an hour after me so Frosty and I walked until her train got in, then the three of us made our way to Annerod by bus. We ate a delicious pumpkin & vegetable soup for dinner, as I awkwardly sat and listened to C. Dub squabble with her parents over whether or not Frosty had a set bedtime when he was as young as his cousins (who are 4 and 2 years old). An uncomfortable silence ensued as C. Dub went on the defensive against her parents' passive aggressive comments regarding her parenting style while Frosty was a toddler (20 some odd years ago). It was a foreshadowing of the days to come, though I didn't really notice it at the time.

As a peace offering/bribe, I brought some of my beloved Hamburg Franzbrötchen as a gift for Frosty's grandparents for breakfast the next morning. Then Frosty and I retired to the guest room in the basement.

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