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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Year's Story Part 3

We now continue with the program, already in progress

Day 2 was much like Day 1 – but by now it was crystal clear that Atze's behavior from the day before were more the rule rather the exception.

It was a tense day and the only thing we really accomplished was a guided bus tour of the city and probably only because tickets were for two people for the price of one.

The tension in the group was growing thick as time wore on and New Year's Eve was still two days away. We wanted Conni to arrive. Or at least I did. Hopefully, that would distribute some of the tension.

Conni is another good friend of Frosty (see picture of us in Part 1). And Conni is great. He's just a genuinely nice guy and one of my favorite of Frosty's friends. He knows how to have a good time on a budget and is very good at going with the flow. 

He arrived on the evening of the second day and, for awhile at least, things started to look up.

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