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Saturday, February 07, 2009

2009 SAPC (Addendum)

Last week, I wrote how the promise of free food and booze doesn't quite cut it anymore in terms of attracting people to a social gathering. However, the truth is that I'll actually show up just about anywhere where free stuff is being offered, especially if that free stuff is food or booze. In fact, this was basically the deciding factor between participating in live band karaoke last night or going to a sex toy party.

I love karaoke, whether it's living room SingStar or climbing onto a stage to assist the incomparable Lady Etch with "Proud Mary" after she'd consumed one Astra Rotlicht too many and forgotten the words to the song. I don't know if I love sex toys as much as I love karaoke (I don't discount the possibility), but I'm definitely drawn to interesting sounding ideas/situations. So, when someone tells me that a sex toy party is "like a Tupperware party, but with dildos" -- then consider my interest piqued.

Growing up in the South/Midwest (whatever you want to call Oklahoma), I was subjected to countless Tupperware parties, not to mention Mary Kay makeover sessions, Amway demonstrations and the, perhaps lesser known (?), Longaberger Basket shows. They all follow the same basic format: snacks, product demonstration, snacks, buy some crap that you may or may not need. Being the wholesome American products that they are, booze was never involved and -- since I was a child -- this did not faze me one bit. However, as an adult I think that all of these "parties" would be enhanced with a little bit of liquor (except the Mary Kay parties, because despite what I wrote back in 2005 alcohol and cosmetic application are a recipe for disaster).

Anyway, the one thing that the sex toy party had that the live band karaoke didn't have was alcohol and delicious snacks (gratis). Both events were equally likely to provide interesting anecdotes, but only one came with that little "extra something". So in a way, it was kind of like the decision was basically made for me.

As for the party itself? As promised, it went down exactly like a Tupperware party.

Except with much more flavored/edible lube.

And that's all I have to say about that...

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