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Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet the Brookses Pt . 4

The Mulatto Revolution: Ur doin it rong...but I'll cut you some slack this time.

Remy, my favorite little brother, became a dad last Wednesday. Coming from a so-called "mega-family" (my half-siblings have half-siblings), new nieces and nephews aren't really that new. In fact, my second oldest brother and his wife had their first kid last October. That makes the count -- give or take, pending a paternity test or two -- eleven.

I created a little photo album over on Facebook (because I can't be bothered with creating an email address book, thus handicapping my ability to send group emails). To my surprise, I got a few messages from people congratulating me. That was kind of a trip, seeing as how I really can't take any credit at all for any part of this little guy's existence. Seriously. One time, in a fit of anger, I gave my brother a solid kick to the nuts. Granted that was yeeeeeaaars ago, but still... probably somewhat counterproductive to his reproductive capabilities.

But it all worked out in the end. And this is kind of a cool event. He's the first of my Brooks-siblings to procreate (my other siblings are either Callenders or Dovers). As silly as it sounds, I feel like this kind of reduces -- at least temporarily -- the expectations for me and my other two childless sisters to reproduce. I say "silly" because, c''s not like we're in short supply. There's also the added plus of the Brooks name being passed on (woo hoo!?!).

Anyway, that should shut a few cry holes for the next five years *fingers crossed*

So, that's my new nephew, Remy Jr. Quite the handsome lad, even though he wasn't born with a Mr. T type mohawk like his dad.

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