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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Life Recapped: Sturmfreie Bude

Schmiddy got back from his two-week vacation in the Philippines on Sunday. The pictures that I've seen look gorgeous and I felt some definite twinges of jealousy...that is until I remembered that sand is one of my least favorite substances on the planet . However, he came back refreshed and relaxed-looking and I like my Schmiddies relaxed and refreshed.

While he was away, I had the apartment to myself for a week. Nothing exciting to report in that area, because I pretty much just spent the time job hunting, sending out applications (I'm still employed...for now) and going on the occasional interview.

At the end of the my first week Home Alone, I was hanging out with the Sebster and lost my silver cigarette case that contains all of my IDs, bank cards and my bus pass. I didn't realize it was even gone until the next day. The bank card thing sucked because it was the weekend and the bank was already closed and also because I had to put holds on everything for security reasons. I was pissed off about losing my bus pass; however, I was pissed off most about losing the silver case. I've had that thing for over 10 years now and have grown quite fond of it. Moreover, it was the third time that I'd lost it. The first time was New Year's Eve 2006 when I was out with Lady Etch. The second time was last fall in Zittau, while frolicking outdoors with Frosty. Both times the case was recovered with everything intact. This time, I just figured that my luck might have run out -- three strikes and you're out and so forth. Anyway, long story short...I got it back. Everything was in it. I still have no idea how the people found me, but whatevs...I will try not to push my luck a fourth time.

Tunde arrived on Feb 28th and stayed for about a week. We didn't go "all out", but it was a steady stream of one night out, one night recovering. In one week, I met more new people and went into more sketchy bars that I would have never gone into on my own than I have in the past year. Tunde is an outgoing guy, not at all lacking in the confidence department. And if you put a couple of drinks in him, he gets really chatty. Half of the time, I'd get tired and make my way home, giving him my cell phone and address. He found his way back each time. Even if it was hours later after I was already in bed. We kicked it with so many random people.

We did not kick it with the guy in the background, but he looked pretty special with his beer hat and wizard robes at the Häagen Dazs

Here he is close up

I got myself a little surrogate Smithie little sister who's here on JYA. She's awesome. She's Samoan/French and does martial arts. And while we were at the old Rudolf Laun bar, she maintained that she could whoop Tunde's ass (in a playful manner). He got offended at this, I thought it was funny. Later we had a big argument about the plausibility of the scenario. There was shouting and tears on both sides at 3am outside of my apartment. We apologized to each other and the next day and everything was cool. That's what I love about Tunde. We can admit to being assholes to each other and after that it's truly water under the bridge. Still, he was more of an asshole than I was...because, well, I was right and he was wrong. Haha...just playin (in case you're reading this, seriously, I was right).

Anyway, it's not a party til someone cries.

I'm resting up until this weekend, when Frosty is scheduled to come 'round for a visit. I've got some homework though, because I have to read a play that we're going to see in the theater on Saturday. Yeah, that's what I do with my boyfriend. We read plays and then go see them performed.

Don't get it twisted, it's still pretty gangsta.


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