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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Hug A Mulatto Day!!!

The picture above (and you can click it to englarge the view) is from the 1962 edition of a textbook called When You Marry. It's slightly more than a little offensive, but it was published five years before Loving v. Virginia (the US Supreme Court civil rights case that abolished restrictions for marriage based on race*. *=fun fact)

I don't know where I was going with that. Anyway, that picture up there (if you look at it kind of zoomed out so you can't get the full intensity of the offensive language/pictures) then it kind of looks like a rough draft blueprint of the Mulatto Revolution. I'm sure that's probably not what the editors had in mind, but they are probably dead now. So there's that.

This year is the 5th anniversary of Hug a Mulatto Day. Looking back, I realized that I wrote in 2007 that 2008 was the 5th HaMD, but I was mistaken. We're all back on track now. The sun is (sort of) shining here in Hamburg (for the time being) and I got to sleep in an extra hour because of the time change.

The extra sleep really helped, because I spent the early hours of the morning breaking into all of your houses and apartments to give each one of you a big hug while you were asleep.

Surprise, you just got mulatto'd!

Ähm, I'm still working on that catchphrase.

At any rate, you all should really know what to do by now.


c-jizzl said...

i didn`t got any hug...

lebrookski said...

yes you were just asleep when i did it. it's like on christmas with santa claus, except i'm real.