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Friday, October 23, 2009

To go

There are a lot of different qualities that people take into consideration when they decide to move into a new apartment/home. I mean, that's at least the assumption that I'm making. Everyone has their individual tastes and opinions as to what is or isn't a dealbreaker. For example, I'm not at all fond of Altbau architecture and I don't like living higher than the third floor (which is actually the 4th floor in the US). On the other hand, I live on a very high traffic street in Hamburg that runs almost clear through the entire city. Trucks drive by pretty much constantly and this doesn't really bother me.

Right underneath my window.

What I do need is a place with lots of public transportation options (preferrably near a main line), a conveniently located grocery store and a late night/open-on-Sundays kiosk (or gas station or döner place or similar).

Transportation-wise, I feel like I have a lot of options at my new place. Sometimes it's not as direct as my old apartment, but it'll do. Grocery-wise, there's a REWE store right around the corner. It's open until 10pm (which for German purposes is not so bad). There's a bakery situated diagonally across the street and when there are soccer games they stay open later. Lastly, for lazy Sunday purposes...there's the neighboorhood sushi/döner/half-chicken/schnitzel/currywurst/Thai & Indian food place down the street.

Yeah, you read that right. They sell a lot of stuff. It's located right behind the closest bus stop and, at first, I really only noticed the big sushi sign. The shop had their grand opening not too long ago (or at least that's what the placard outside led me to believe). Among other things (like, say, decent Mexican food) I'm always on the lookout for things like phở or decent/affordable sushi. Also, places that deliver. There's a pizza delivery place down the street, but Zilv and I ordered from there once. Once.

I made a mental note to try out the special grand opening sushi offer. I didn't get it delivered, because (believe it or not) I don't have anything against hoofing it 50 yards (gasp! I know!).

Anyway, Sakana Sushi is an amazing place, the likes of which I've rarely seen. Like I said, I really only took in the sushi sign. Subconsciously, I probably saw the other stuff on the outside too, but just figured it was left over by the previous occupants. But when I walked in, lo and behold...there was a döner spit and a rotisserie with two chickens. Plus, all of the typical döner condiments. And then there was the menu with a handful of Thai and Indian dishes ("standards" like tom gai soup / chicken masala) and then things like schnitzel & currywurst.

Now I would like to invite you to click on the picture at the beginning of the post for a larger view. They even sell ice cream. Not advertised outside: surprisingly large (for its size) wine selection on the wall opposite the front door and like 6 different types of Ritter Sport chocolates.

Truth be told, I would probably never eat a döner at this place. It doesn't quite hold up to my döner standards. I also wouldn't order a half of a rotisserie chicken from this place. For that I would recommend the truck that's in front of the REWE (around the corner) on Tuesdays, they also sell Schweinehaxe, which I haven't tried, but it looks really good.

Anyway, I digress...

So there's this crazy shop that sells sushi and everything. They should actually call it "Sushi and Everything". But only order the sushi.

It seems to also be the hangout spot for all the neighborhood bums. Sakana Sushi only sells their beer to go, so you'll often find them just hanging outside, eating sushi and drinking beer. It's kind of trippy if you think about it.

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