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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Futuristical Box Socials

In my mind, I've already skipped over Halloween (even before yesterday) and past Thanksgiving (which has lost all meaning since I moved to Germany). And while Christmas and New Year's are holidays that I'm looking forward to, it's more about seeing Frosty, C.Dub and the Mettigel Gangstaz (literally: Ground Pork Porcupine Gangstaz).

Crazy as it sounds, I'm already planning my 30th birthday. It should probably be noted that next year I'm only turning 29. That aside, I have some pretty ambitious plans that require a significant amount of pre-planning.

I am also considering a three-birthdays-in-a-row type of scheme. Twenty-nine would be the "pre-party", 30 would be the "party" and 31 would be the "after-party". However, that might just be too ambitious.

Still, I could use some feedback on my plans thus far.

Without revealing too much, I have my dream venue in mind. I've gotten in touch with the people there and it's definitely a possibility. I don't want to give it away here, but you can ask me in private.

I'd have to somewhat limit the guest list, since I'd be paying per person for the open bar. I imagine it's like planning a wedding, but I don't have to consider things like color schemes or dress things and whatnot. I'm even considering a bouncy house...

But more than anything, I'd like my guests (in lieu of birthday presents) to donate some money to a charity/non-profit organization of my choosing. Here's the thing, though. There's an element of "tackiness" that comes with asking people directly what you would like. Especially in an invitation. I think people prefer when you say, "Just show up, I don't care if you bring something." And it usually becomes this strange game of "Don't do as I say, just do what you're supposed to do".

The way I see it though is that I would like to treat my friends and myself to a fucking awesome party, no strings attached, I'll take care of all of that gladly (regarding the acutal partying) -- but really I would like to raise money for a good cause. And I figure the money that people would spend getting me a birthday present, could be used to getting some people something like drinkable water or some education, etc.

So this is just a pre-poll. Just to put some feelers out there about your impressions of this idea. I know you don't really have a whole lot of info about location and plans...but trust me on this would be awesome. It would also take place about 4 months after my actual 30th birthday...

Let me know your opinion in the comments.


EEJ said...

That location would be feckin' awesome. Is there a bar or something up there?

lebrookski said...

there are a couple of clubs in there. the one i want is on the top floors and includes the terrace on the roof.

lebrookski said...

though, i must also add that i need to get a job to fund this shindig...and possibly also find a corporate sponsor. otherwise, i'll probably be celebrating in the clubhouse of the S.C. Union '03 with their two kegelbahnen. but that's plan b

katie said...

ain't no shame in planning your 30th way early. i'm in two minds regarding mine at this point: a)harrypotterland (not it's actual name, but soon to be a real place) or b)the joker by steve miller theme costume party. i want to be the gangster of love.

i think donating for the cause is totally miss manners approved.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Gute Location, guter Geschenkeplan. :)


The Beech said...

Bunker. Spiffy. Donating to a good cause is also good. I'd also pay an entry fee for a nice b-day party. That means I would sponsor somehow the gathering, and if something is left at the end of the day, give it to whoever. I'm convinced that unless one is really rich the hassle of setting the whole thing up is enough contribution.