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Friday, December 25, 2009

xmas 2009: pre-xmas

The first week of my two-week Dresden visit is nearly over. Yesterday, was our 3-person holiday celebration. Germans (well the ones that celebrate Christmas, anyway) typically do the dinner/present thing on the 24th. I'm sure I probably mention this every year. Frosty, C.Dub and I had a tasty vegan dinner, then we went for a walk, read a story together after we got back and then opened presents until 3am. That's the abbreviated version. Stay tuned for the longer version. But before we get to that I'll give you a brief rundown of the days leading up to Christmas.

I arrived last Saturday evening. Frosty was due to come in on Sunday evening. Usually, I try not to arrive before him, because I don't particularly enjoy walking around Dresden by myself at night. It's definitely an after effect of my 10-month stay here in 2004-2005. Luckily, Conni (aka Bierfred McPhail) and FQ -- together known as "the Ludes" -- came to meet me at the train station when I arrived. For those not in the know, Conni and FQ are two of Frosty's best friends. I'm sure I've mentioned them in a few Dresden-related posts and I was very happy and thankful that they came to pick me up...and carry my bags...and buy me a "Welcome back to Dresden" hemp beer. It's very reassuring to know that my boyfriend's friends aren't a couple of dickwads. In fact they're quite the opposite. I don't know what the literal opposite of dickwad is. I suppose...vagina something or other. Anyway, let's just go with the metaphorical opposite on this one. But I digress...they're both very charming young men with wonderful personalities*, which is mostly what I wanted to say in the first place.

*= Apropos charming and wonderful, I'd like to take a little time out here to mention to all the ladies out there that
FQ is currently single. He is tall and smart and studies architecture and is a perfect gentleman. So if you'd like to hit that, then send me a 200 word mini-essay about yourself and I'll see if I can make that shit happen. Here's a pic, don't worry, his face isn't pixelated in real life:

His sideburns are always neatly trimmed and kept at a reasonable length

Back to the subject at hand, Frosty arrived late Sunday night. He took the slow train from Tübingen. He would have arrived at 6pm, if he hadn't missed the first train and (then later) gotten off at the wrong stop. Oh and then the 30-minute delay. It was about 11pm by the time he arrived in Dresden. Conni and FQ came with me to pick him up (see how nice these guys are?).

It was nearly midnight by the time we got back, so going to sleep was fairly high on our list of priorities. After nearly 2.5 years together, the first 6 months (give or take) being an intense study of each other's personal sleeping habits, there are certain things that I've learned and have come to terms with:

1.) Frosty is a sleep-talker. This isn't a problem at all, because I also talk in my sleep, sometimes I even talk so loud that I wake myself up.

2.) He's a heavy sleeper. It's tough trying to wake him up sometimes (e.g. during particularly loud sleep-talking) and if you succeed, he gets cranky.

3.) He's a blanket thief. Which is why we can't ever share a damn blanket. Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I'll come back to find him wrapped up in all the blankets, so it looks like he's in a giant cocoon. And when I try to get my covers back, he sleep fights me.

4.) He likes to sleep with the window open. I also like to sleep with the window open, though generally not in the winter.

Last weekend, it was easily -15°C with the snow, ice and wind etc. We had to borrow a second blanket from Conni, since both of us somehow managed to forget to bring the extra one. Winter weather be damned, Frosty asked if he could open the window for some fresh air for awhile. And "awhile" ended up being "all fucking night".

The next morning (not long after I finally managed to finally get nice and cozy under my blanket) Frosty proclaimed that it was time to wake up and that the best way to do so is to just let all the cold air in the room hit your body all at once.

...which is what he told me right before ripping the sheets out of my hands.

And then he laughed.

I was significantly less amused.

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