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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tasty internet satire

Here's an Onion News video that caught my interest today. I was recently talking to Frosty about the insane Oklahoma abortion law that makes me never want to live in Oklahoma ever again. It's sad, because I love my home state and have, on numerous occasions, said that Germany and Oklahoma City (odd pairing, perhaps) are the only two places that I could really imagine myself putting down some roots (I maybe need to become more flexible in that respect). Still, I was so heated when I heard about this...that I just don't know anymore. Suddenly, it was like I was able to sort of understand Frosty's objections about going to the U.S. (very simplistically put, he is anti-capital punishment & not keen on being fingerprinted). Both are reasons that I actually find very reasonable. I just wanted him to go so he could meet my family (in terms of sheer logistics it would just be easier for us to go there). Oklahoma Legislature!! Why are you doing this to me?! I'm not on a full out OK boycott, but mostly because my mom is not going to be around much longer and my grandma isn't getting any younger and my siblings keep reproducing. If anything, I need to keep track of the family membership list (7 siblings + 12-13 nieces and nephews; countless aunts, uncles and cousins, etc). Bullshit laws restricting reproductive choice are how familes become estranged. Ok, just one of many reasons that families become estranged...but now it's getting personal.

So much for my rant, back to Onion News (@ Conni & FQ...ONN - The Onion News Network is done by the same people who made News Movie (aka The Onion Movie in English). They are so scathingly on point that it's ridiculous.

The real news really brings out the cockpuncher in me sometimes. Onion News helps.

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