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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quickies #15 - Horrible Auntie Ray-Ray

Just a second ago, I was checking the archives to see if I had written anything this time last year. And I found the post announcing Baby Remy's arrival. It's not that I had forgotten that he was born. It's just that I had forgotten when. I guess I should start calling him Li'l Remy now? I probably wouldn't have forgotten his birthday if Facebook had sent me a reminder.

It probably sounds bad that I can't remember my nieces' and nephews' birthdays (I've already caught heat from my niece Zoe regarding this topic). But I feel like I should be excused because 1.) I have a whole lot of siblings' birthdays to remember and 2.) They are not my technically, I'm not required to remember.

I also realize that this makes me sound like an awful person.



Pickles said...

We call Li'l Remy "Bubba." It's one of those pet names you call people like "Shug" or "Hon" that sometimes sticks as a nickname. Remy took all the good variations of his name, and it cuts down on some of the confussion.

Gillian said she may use your middle name with their next li'l one. Why won't anyone use either of my names?

lebrookski said...

Bubba? Seriously? Seriously?!

And is Gill knocked up again? She said something about something, but also that it was something that they weren't telling people yet.

I approve of Channing. It has served me well.