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Monday, February 01, 2010

Radio Crap

Hosting my radio show at Smith seemed infinitely easier than hosting this new one here in Hamburg, at least I remember it as being easier. And that was a weekly show (as opposed to the current monthly one). Maybe it was just less pressure, since it was on fairly late. It probably also helped that it was on Thursdays, which was not only candlelight dinner in Scales House, but also Senior Wine & Cheese (or Beer & Cheez-Its) Night. So I was usually still pretty tipsy when I went on air.

That's not the case anymore. I feel like I spend about 2-3 weeks contemplating my playlist and what I'm going to say about the tracks. We pre-produce the show, because of Zilv's unpredictable work schedule. After we record, I then listen to the show a million times and start to pick it apart piece-by-piece until we air. The slip-ups stay in (for the most part) -- we don't go back and re-record anything. And...I basically don't like the sound of my own recorded voice. By the time the show actually broadcats, I can almost recite everything that we say by memory.

As intimidating and stressful as it is, doing a radio show again is a metric shit ton of fun. I It gives me a reason to start listening to loads of German rap again and keep up with the music scene. I felt like I stopped after I left Backspin. It was just kind of depressing after that. Maybe eventually I'll even re-discover my love of going to hip-hop shows again. How awesome would that be, Schmidt? If you've never been to a concert with Schmidt...I highly recommend it. His Timbs do work, yo.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, we're on every 2nd Friday of the month. We're currently accepting recorded shout-outs. You don't have to be famous or anything. Zilv and I are regular-ass people and if other regular-ass people want to record a shout-out and send it to us, we'll mix it into the show. A mic and a recording device is all you need.

Our internet headquarters (for the time being) are and I haven't uploaded our first show there yet, but if you don't catch the live stream, then you catch the replays at mypodcast.

If you want to record a shout out, then you can figure out how to do it yourself and then send the result to rapstattekg [at] myspace [dot] com.

Shout-out tips:

You can say your name/pseudonym & city, the name of the show (R.A.P. statt E.K.G. / R.A.P. not E.C.G.), our catchphrase "Hip-Hop and Rap, that's where my heart's at" or "Rap ist gesund" or "Rap does a body good", or say something about the radio station "FSK 93.0", or something that combines rap music and heart stuff...or just fuckin freestyle it.

As the Germans say, we would happy us very much.


The Beech said...

Unfortunately my cold is not helping, and my lack of clever things to say is even worse!

But looking forward to the show! Kepp it up!

lebrookski said...

somewhere in the world (or in oklahoma) i have a collection of mini-cassette recordings from when i was doing thesis research...and you're voice is recorded on one...

i have to ask pickles where these things are...they might not even exist anymore...

at any rate, i had a recording of you giving an opinion about german hip-hop and it being so "deep and so real" (but in your sarcastic voice) -- very would make a great shout out. i need to ask pickles if she still has all that shit

F. Ross T. said...

Oh what an honour that u "accept" shout-outs althogh I might not be famous...

lebrookski said...

@F. Ross T: it also helps if you have a sexy voice.