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Monday, March 22, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

You can probably also file this one under "Bullshit that I don't fucking have time to deal with right now...or ever". Our most recent radio show was on March 12th. There was some crazy stuff going down with the upload to the mypodcast site. Namely it wouldn't work. First it said that 128kbps was too much and it had to be 96kbps and then it didn't accept the 96kbps. And now I don't have the original file anymore, just a incredibly compressed version that sounds kind of crap (more so than usual?) sound quality-wise. What's that thing that the Germans say? Scheissegal...

It's a shame, because Zilv put in a crap-load of work for this month's show. It was basically her baby from start to finish. We went to Headcleaner Recordings (a local hip-hop label) and did an interview with some of the guys there in the studio. I was there for the interview and the recording of the moderation, but everything else (music choice) was all her. It was a big help to me, because (as I've been repeating over and over, I am pressed for time this month).

Moreover, we're having issues with the radio station (which is why I'm posting the show here, rather than on the mypodcast site). It's not even GEMA (sort of the German ASCAP) issues. Somehow, R.A.P statt E.K.G. has managed to catch shit about the content of the songs played (mostly, in this most recent show). Accusations of inappropriate lyrics (here's a quote that I don't feel like translating into English, because it's late, I just got home from work and I haven't eaten dinner yet...)

"Und was es in der "Weekly Operation" zu hören gibt, ist (jeweils in Anführungszeichen) ohne Ende: Pisse, Kacke, Votze, Mösen, die man erniedrigen soll, Tunte, Schwanzlutscher, Spast, dem man das Kleingeld klauen soll, "Ich habe nichts gelernt außer Klauen", "ich komme gerade aus der Psychiartrie in Ochsenzoll"... Und das Ganze wird angeboten als "Meisterwerk deutscher Dichtkunst"

It's mostly focused on the German-language content and our show was called out on this, so it's more or less (at least in the description of our show) my territory. Needless to say (?) it rubs me all sorts of the wrong way, mostly because I feel like the song quotations were taken out of context. All by a guy who says that he:

"von 1980 bis 1985 fast jede Rap-Platte gekauft habe, die ich bekommen konnte, und 1982 (oder 1981?) auf dem ersten Rap-Konzert in Deutschland war. Ich bin also mit der Materie vertraut."

There will be a big discussion at the next music dept meeting on March 31st (next Wednesday). I feel fairly comfortable presenting my playlists from January and February as "evidence" for the quality of our show. Still, if you have the time to listen to the March show and find that there's any particularly offensive content or if you've ever listened to Wise Up (also called out by name for questionable content). Then, I'd really appreciate if you'd post your opinion here.

The guy who made the complaint has made the suggestion to cancel the "Weekly Operation" hip-hop shows (with his accusations of inappropriate content) on FSK. Knowing the other people who do the shows, they're presenting hip-hop (English/German) outside of the mainstream every Friday from 5pm-7pm in Hamburg. It's not such a big complaint and it might get squashed next week at the meeting, but if you want to put in a good word for hip-hop and/or any of the Weekly Operation shows, then you can send a mail to musikredaktion[at]fsk-hh[dot]org.

And here are the two files for the March episode:


The Beech said...

Hope the lame eff gets his ass kicked. Is it still a good idea to send an email? And what does "bought every rap vinyl I could get a hold of" mean? Between 80 and 85 I assume that were like 5 albums here in Germany.

lebrookski said...

We're gonna deal with it tomorrow...
no need to write a mail...yet ;-)