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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hey, 8-year-old me, thanks for validating my life

My author description on the book flap.

I wrote, illustrated and bound a book as a part of a gifted student program when I was in third grade. I typed it all out on my dad's old Smith Corona. Pickles recently found it and scanned it for me.

I think it's pretty hilarious, because the book was entitled My Most Embarrassing Moments...Ever! I have absolutely no idea what would ever make me want to reveal embarrassing things about things about myself as an eight-year-old. The content included: receiving zit-stickers in a game of Girl Talk, leaning too far back in a chair and falling over, getting caught putting gum underneath a chair at church, having very short hair that made everyone think I was a boy...etc and so forth. It was like a precursor to my blog, in a way.

Here's my favorite chapter called "Boys". My writing has hardly improved in the last 20 years. But, thank goodness for computers and spell check (which I should also use more often...maybe)

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Vrosdi said...

I've got an idea whut made u do it. By usurping the embarassing moments you deprived them of the sovereign interpretations of others. So I understand it as an overcoming of the continuation of the feeling of embarassment for the case that others or yourself would bring it up again.

But i don't understand in which way you could say that the 8-year-old you is validating your life now, if you can't even retrace what made u want to do that topic back then.

So i think you DO UNDERSTAND what made u do it and that your lifestyle is validated by the act of self-liberation back then (following the interpretation in the first break).

lebrookski said...

Yes, in layman's terms I want to diss myself before others can diss me. The classic 8 Mile move. ;-)

The idea that my 8-year-old self is validating my life now...ummm...that's probably more abstract and has less to do with the "embarrassing" anecdote part and more with the part that I still think that I'm awesome

Frozdy said...

I also think that - of course - that was'nt the only reason (possibly only a side effect) and yes you are awesome.