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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rabbit is good, Rabbit is wise...

Hint: This is the time when you should seek cover instead of filming

Just like the Wu-Tang Clan, tornadoes ain't nothin' to fuck with. Still, growing up in tornado alley makes you kind of blasé towards the whole concept. In school, you're well-drilled from a young age in the art of ducking down in a hallway (or gymnasium or the center most part of your house and/or bathtub) and covering the tender area of your neck with your hands. Every Saturday at noon they test the tornado sirens. It's just one of those facts of life.

On May 3rd, 1999, a huge tornado hit Oklahoma City. On May 4th, I took my IB test in German. The power flickered on and off during the test, but the show went on. And a couple of weeks later, my high school commencement ceremony was held in the slightly damaged Rose State College auditorium. After the graduates received our diplomas, we were all instructed to head outside of the building because of...well...questionable structural integrity. C'est la vie, y'all.

Tornadoes are scary/deadly/annoying/funny things. Depends on how you look at it. Leave it to my fellow Oklahomans (the people who brought you catfish noodling) to refine the art of storm chasing.

I caught this video on NewsOK. Best lines: "Well I'll tell you...look at that! Oh, it's formin' up beautiful! I hope it ain't gonna land on us! *laughter*"

Oh, amuse me so...

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