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Friday, May 14, 2010

R.A.P statt E.K.G. - May 2010

Here it is, the 2nd half of the May show. Zilv did her part live, so I don't have it yet. If she saved her part, I'll post it here later. I didn't really have a "theme" this month. It just was kind of coincidence that a handful of the songs that I played were from artists that I discovered through Twitter or Facebook or general social media time wasters.

The hardest part this month was just settling on a playlist. I think I changed it up too much (at least 5 different times) so the transitions between the songs aren't really the smoothest ever, but I'm not a professional DJ, nor did I ever claim to be. Also my moderation is a bit rambling at times (but that's nothing new, is it?).

I was listening to Zilv's part while I was at work, when she asked me to call her up at the studio and then said the studio telephone number on air. It was a few minutes before my part was supposed to start, so I thought something went wrong with my half. Instead, she wanted to make sure that the sound levels were ok. But before I could grab my cell phone and get to a spot in the building with decent reception, some other guy called into the studio to chat her up. And then basically for the rest of the show people were calling while she was in the studio. So it's cool to know that people who are not just my personal friends/acquaintances listen to the show. On the other hand, it's kind of like, "Whoa...maybe I should step my game up..."

Also, I played a song by the Swiss band Dabu Fantastic and they've been sort of my favorite discovery in the past month. They sort of remind me of like a Swiss version Blumentopf circa the Musikmaschine album. Swiss German is a crazy dialect though. It sounds so goofy, but every once and awhile I'll catch a phrase or two. Anyway, you can download the Fantastic Reloaded EP for freesies from their website .

Here's a silly video from the latest Dabu Fantastic album, Discochugle.

Speaking of Blumentopf, they're dropping a new album next month, which I also mentioned in the show (very briefly). I heard the promo this week, it's kind of heavy on the rock-type beats. You can go to their website to see the video for "Wir". It's Blumentopf, but it doesn't feel like Blumentopf... so my judgment is still out for now.

Enjoy the show!

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