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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Fever

Tomorrow is the Germany vs. Ghana soccer match. I'll try to not forget that this game is taking place, but I promise nothing. Four years ago, I moved back to Germany. It was during all this soccer crap, too. I wasn't working at the time, I was sleeping on a mattress in Schmiddy's apartment. It was awesome. We watched the fuckin'...what's it called again? Oh yeah...rocket ship to space. I forget the name of that Space Thingy. Not the big news-maker at the time (other than the German dude going to the International Space Place). Still, that was better than than watching dudes kick a ball around a stadium for 90 mins plus extra time (that's how this works, right?).

I swear, right here, right now...if I ever figure out how soccer/football works...then I will renounce my US citizenship. Mark my words... I really don't get it and I really don't care (see the crap that I wrote above).

If you didn't know about this thing called the World Cup. There's this loud horn thing (it's like a horn in a can ...but...manual?) I don't know...people are making a big fucking deal out of this. Sporting events are too loud to begin wth. And people typically have a lot of shit with them that makes them loud: air horns, alcohol...okay those are the only things that come to mind at the moment. It's still loud as shit....

I probably don't realize the whole implications of this Vuvuzela thing. Other than it sort of reminds me of the word "vulva" -- which puts it in the same category as "Volvo" and "Jamba Juice". The category being "Words that remind me of vagina things" (Re: the latter...well, thanks Squinty...)

Anyway, I'll be so happy when all this World Cup shit is over...that's my point, I guess.