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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup (Part 1 - Wedding Fun)

You're welcome, little dude.

I'm a good wingwoman. I'm a horrible matchmaker.

If you want to get someone's digits or an invite to the party in their pants, then I can help make that happen. My success rate for setting people up is abysmal. And, for crying out loud, don't ever ask me to evaluate your relationship/partner (at least not if you want to stay together).

I've only actively made attempts to find someone for Schmiddy. This is because he gets cranky if he doesn't get "his medicine" (except replace "his medicine" with "to put his penis into a vagina"). It was overall a very self-serving mission to get him laid. Happy Schmiddy = Happy Raven = Happy Apartment.

But I digress.

On Friday, I went to a wedding reception. Not just any wedding reception, but one in which I was treated like some kind of hero. Now, you'd think the hero would actually be invited to the ceremony, but that was family only, so no hard feelings there. I was, however, mentioned in the ceremony, which is good enough to stroke my massive ego.

You see, six years ago, I gave the groom the bride's telephone number (after checking with the bride first, of course). I knew both of them. Marco (the groom) was doing his compulsory community service at the language school I attended in Cologne. He basically took us out to get drunk a lot. And I met Franzi (the bride) through my good buddy Mo. Franzi and I hit it off right away and I brought her to one of the language school parties where I (very briefly) introduced her to Marco. It was a crazy night and the funny thing is that Marco wasn't even around at all (except for this brief introduction). At any rate, I got an SMS from him about a month after I left Cologne and moved to Dresden, in which he asked me for Franzi's phone number. I told him that I had to ask her first (which, I did) and then I sent it to him. Six years and a set of twins later, his family members are coming up to me and shaking my hand, thanking me and the like.

It's truly my single success in bringing two people together and I wish them the best.

At one point I was holding their son and Marco's sister came up to me and said to the kid, "You see her? She made you and your sister happen." And I know it was meant as a joke, know...I didn't assist with the actual, physical baby-making process at all. And I most definitely didn't do anything in terms of the birthing.

But credit where credit is due, right?


Anyway, I got pretty smashed at the reception (which started at 11:30am). Then I headed off to Giessen for a gathering with Frosty's family. I sort of sobered up on the ride there. Sort of.


Diana said...

They finally did it then! Hillarious! Take the credit; usually so much awesome in one room would explode and you were able to keep things real! Love from Hawaii! D

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Zwillinge! Dafür musst Du dich schon loben lassen. ;o)


Anonymous said...

Zwillinge kann doch jeder! ;)


Anonymous said...

Na dann lass sehen! ;)