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Sunday, November 14, 2010

R.A.P. statt E.K.G. - November 2010

This month, I only have one half of the show to post. Zilv and I gave a big on-air shout out to frequent listener (and FB wifey) T.Maz and to my new acquaintance Ulli the cab driver who called the studio to tell us that the first hour (aside from our talking) was mostly inaudible due to technical issues. Although we were aware of this fact and were working to correct it for the first 45 minutes, it's always nice to know that someone is listening and cares enough to phone it in.

I was going to edit the audio track so that you could just hear the conversation part of our show -- but I'll just save that for my personal archives.

What you probably will gather from my hour (right away, I should add) is that it's basically a roundup of my favorite Curse songs. Last month, Curse said goodbye to rap -- and hello to doing other, non-rap things. I actually read about this minutes before our last show aired, so it's kind of old news actually. The "curse" of doing a monthly show, if you will.

However, he does have an outstanding discography (say what you will about his last album) and I would be remiss, if I didn't pay tribute to his contributions to the German rap scene.

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