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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Team Cake vs Team Pie

Happy Birthday, Frosty! Happy Thanksgiving, family!

I had planned on being in the States at about this time. It's Thanksgiving, I haven't been home in 3 years and also Crew 52 wedding coming up this weekend. But then there were some family issues (since resolved, I...guess??) that made the trip home somewhat unappealing (strike one) then some work issues (strike two) then some holy-shit-airfare-is outrageous issues (strike three).

When it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to make it to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, I started conjuring up plans to drop in on Frosty in Tübingen for his birthday (which is today).

Visits during the semester are always tough, though appreciated. I just feel bad for him because I'm a super distracting person to be around. And my visits inevitably occur when he has to do a presentation for class.

Sadly, I had to put the kibosh on that idea as well. You see, I got a bit of a promotion at work about a week and a half ago (yea for me!) and to paraphrase Spider-Man, "With great promotions come lots of overtime". I hardly even have time to play video games at work -- and that's kind of an integral part of my job.

So it's birthday cake vs pumpkin pie

(Frosty's bday cake vs Pickles' pumpkin pie)

Just kidding, no competition. I equally want to be in both places very badly. And the desserts are just representations of what I wish that I could have. I want (my metaphorical) cake and pie everyday.


Pickles said...

That's the lopsided one. Why didn't you choose the prettier one?

lebrookski said...

Pumpkin pies are deliciousness to me, not about aesthetics. I'm going to mash it up anyway...