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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Return of the Very Vegan Xmas

The last time that I had to work on Christmas or on any of the days between Christmas and New Year's was when I worked at the Rental Car Company That Shall Not Be Named. But there you could pretty much guarantee that if you worked there for less than 20 bajillion years that you were going to have to work on any given holiday, the only question being "How shitty of a shift will I get this time?"

This year, is the first time (since that last time that I just mentioned) that I'll be working between Christmas and New Year's. I don't really mind it as much. Well, actually, I kind of miss my office setup. I do need at least 2 computer monitors to work efficiently -- and a faster internet connection wouldn't be bad at all.

Otherwise, I'm not complaining. At the moment, I'm in Berlin. C.Dub wanted to get out of Dresden this year (but didn't want to go to Giessen), Frosty suggested going to Berlin. We found a really nice 2-bedroom apartment in Berlin-Mitte at a price that was basically a steal -- I highly recommend checking out Craigslist Berlin for great & affordable accomodations.

As I write this, Frosty is making vegan canneloni with tofu & spinach and it smells really good from here. In between the working, we've got (of course) a few theater visits lined up.

All things considered, I am just trying to relax. It's been a whirlwind year. 2009 was just a shit year for me (it's kinda messed up when the "highlight" of the year is losing your job -- even if it's a godawful one).

On the other hand, 2010 has been a remarkably good year. I found a job that's not only challenging and fun, but it's also something that I do pretty well. I've learned a lot and I have amazing co-workers. I've worked really hard and, for the most part, it's paid off...even though I didn't realize it until this week.

I can't really put it into words, but it's kind of like if you walked into a room and someone was like, "Hey there, here's a free iPad!" Then you'd be like, "Oh my god! This is so awesome because I love free stuff!" and then you'd do the running man while chanting, "Free iPad! Go iPad!" You just feel good about life.

Sorry, I can't help it -- I really love my free iPad, which was the company Christmas present this year. It was the cherry on top and now I know a little bit about how Oprah' s audience feels when she's giving a away free stuff. If you tell a room with 450+ people that they are all getting something relatively expensive, then they get kind of excited. Maybe not "BEES!" excited:

But people get pysched. And since we're all internet junkies, within seconds of the announcement we were all updating our Facebook statuses. So my news feed was jammed with iPad proclamations.

2011 is coming up, which means I get to look forward to my 30th birthday -- and the ensuing celebration. I've been planning out a music mix for most of the year, but I didn't want to get my hopes up for throwing a large-ish party in case my employment contract didn't get renewed. But it did, so I can go ahead and get started on those plans a bit...

New Year's Eve -- I've got no big plans. I'm going to the theater with C.Dub and Frosty, but I plan on staying low key. Maybe some extra cuddle time up in there.

Anyway, whoever and wherever you are and whatever you've planned, I hope you're having a lovely Christmas (or winter vacation or whatever) and I hope that you have an enjoyable remainder of the year.

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mofo from do said...

Oh, oh, now you're gonna be hocked on Apple products. Computers that actually do what you want them to do and, oh shit, the way you want them to do it.
This kinda reminds me of my former math professor who was convinced high-pressure cleaners are more addictive than heroin. I don't know, why he would know that.

merry christmas