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Friday, January 14, 2011

Reminscing with Ravy

It's 2011. Shit...

30 is coming up, I've managed to make it in Germany for the past...mmm...5 years (almost, more or less) More or less on my own terms, e.g. not for "love" or some other bullshit -- not that love is completely bullshit, really can be.

My Hamburg crew (including those who no longer live in Hamburg...ahem...Cheffe, looking at you...even though you don't read this anymore), I've known y'all for almost 10 years now. Which is scary and exciting all at once.

The Smith College JYA program is celebrating its 50th anniversary. I'll probably go to some of that stuff, because some things will probably be free. I don't have to say the rest of that sentence if you know me very well.

But I was thinking about 2001-2002...and my time in Hamburg. In Rudolf Laun Haus. In the "barteam". Vollversammlungen, etc.

This song came up recently in my life and reminded me of that time, because I listened to Pinkerton a lot on my own and this was my secret crush tune.

It still is...but...shhhhh

Weezer - El Scorcho

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