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Saturday, March 12, 2011

R.A.P. statt E.K.G. - March 2011

Invincible - Sledgehammer

It's March and the first two shows of the year were repeats from last summer. Except for the hour-long set last month from J.H. who came through on the ones and twos.

What to say about this month's playlist? Musically, it's my favorite so far. Each show there are always some tracks that, in retrospect, I think are kinda craptastic and that I really shouldn't have included them. Though still, on average and on a personal level, I enjoy 75-80% of the music that I play. This time, out of 30 songs, there were 3 that I just sort of slapped in there. I couldn't find the albums that I was looking for, even though I'd torn through my music cases and CDs (and my room) in the process. But overall, there's some damn good music in there (if I do say so myself...and I do)

The theme for this month is women in hip-hop. March 8th was International Women's Day, so that worked out conveniently. However, it's a compilation that I've been wanting to put together basically since we started the show.

Two bit of self-criticism: I didn't really take the time to address some of the issues surrounding women in hip-hop. I know I could have spent a whole two hours talking about the under-representation of women in hip-hop or the sexism experienced by, as well as internalized by (some) female artists. Instead, I chose to highlight the talent and ingenuity of the artists by playing their music. The majority of the tracks are fairly recent. The weakest part of the show (with a couple of exceptions) was the German-language stuff. But eventually I'll do a part two to make up for it.

On the tech front, I was trying out a new strategy during the talking parts to avoid having to rush into the next song...and it was a big fail. So I won't be doing that ever again.

I also mentioned a B.E.T. documentary on the air. It's not perfect, but it's interesting and you can check it out >>here<<

Otherwise, click through to see the full playlist...

Psalm One - Beat the Drum (The Death of Frequent Flyer, 2005)
K.Flay - 2 Weak ( & check out her mashup mixtape MASHed Potatoes)
Fiva MC - Profi (Rotwild, 2009)
Invincible - No Easy Answers (Shapeshifters, 2008)
Kalae All Day ft. YC the Cynic - Datura Stramonium (Past Times & Crass Lines Mixtape, 2011)
Big Zis - Käis Problem (Und jetz...was hat das mit mir z tue? 2009)
Eternia ft. Freestyle - Understand (If I) (It's Called Life, 2005)
Rah Digga - This Ain't No Little Kid Rap (Classic, 2010)
Marz Lovejoy - Sticky (This Little Light of Mine EP, 2011)
RAtheMC - Dreams (Heart of a Champion, 2010)
Pyranja - Reine Nervensache (Wurzeln & Flügel, 2002)
Boog Brown - Grind Season (Grind Season vol. 1 Mixtape, 2010)
Tiye Phoenix - Killin Everybody (Half Woman, Half Amazin', 2009)
Tiye Phoenix - Half Woman, Half Amazin'
Jean Grae - The Jam (NBA 2K6 OST, 2006)
Lisi ft. Bintia - Payback (Eine wie keine, 2006)
Sookee - Konstruktiv (Quing, 2010)
She-Raw - Du weißt (Fame Convention compilation, 2007)
Miz Korona - Like a Zoo (The Injection, 2010)
Miz Korona - Pete Rock (Dope Music, 2010)
Dessa - Alibi (A Badly Broken Code, 2010)
Salome - Sabz Shodim Dar in Khak
Daim's - Rose du bitume (S.O.S., 2010)
Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedo (Kollage, 1996)
Psalm One - Macaroni & Cheese (The Death of Frequent Flyer, 2005)
Cora E. - Lügen...ihr kriegt mich nie (Corage, 1998)
Sabrina Setlur ft Cora E. & Brixx - Hija (1999)
Rocky Rivera - Heart (Rocky Rivera, 2010)
Jean Grae - My Crew (The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP, 2003)
MC Lyte - 10% Dis (Lyte as a Rock, 1988)

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