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Friday, June 03, 2011

Everything's bigger in Tübingen

For some reason, it feels like I've spent more time this year with Frosty than all of last year put together. I'm fairly certain that it's just a matter of perception, but I'm not complaining. Last year, we were together the entire month of March. Granted, I had just started my new job, so I suppose all that stress can distract from relationship fun-time (having of). Also, I was only in Tübingen once last year (around the time we went to Paris). And I've already been here twice this year. It probably also helps that there are more holidays during the week this year, than last...oh and that my company gave us the day off while we move to a new office.

That said, I'm not really here because I like Tübingen. It's a pretty mediocre town. If Tübingen were a member of Wu-Tang, Tübingen would be U-God. I don't even know why I made that metaphor...I just had a lil wu on the brain I guess. Anyway, Frosty lives here and I remain rather fond of his company. Also, sometimes, I just really gotta get away from Hamburg before I start getting pissed off at people there. I can feel it coming on sometimes and I was fortunate enough to have this opportunity to escape for a bit.

Also it gives me a good excuse to use my iPad, which I almost never do at home unless I'm feeling sick / hungover and want to use the internet without leaving my bed. Case in point, I'm writing this on my iPad right now (though I uploaded the picture from my phone).

And speaking of this picture, these are gigantic Brazilian avocados that Frosty and I purchased at a market for 1,50€ each -- which is a great deal, since regular-size avocados can cost that much. We purchased three of the things and each one is about the size of like a baby's head (or Frosty's fist...take your pic). We're going to make some kind of vegan, guacamole nacho concoction.

Three more days, then it's back to the real world.

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