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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Limping towards vacation

Free Beer

I don't write a lot about my job these days, because I'm basically not really allowed. It's a big company with lots of non-disclosure stuff all around. And to be honest, a lot of my stories wouldn't really be as interesting as you would think.

However, I will say one thing. I need a vacation. I really do. I work at an infinitely fascinating company. A company that for the last 2 weeks has offered free beer to its employees (after 6pm). I mean there's still beer this week (it's like the 3rd week) but they won't refill the fridges once this batch is gone.

The reason that we got free beer was because apparently people complained that there wasn't enough beer at the last company gathering. (Also, because we're totally into priorities).

But this is the place (the free beer place) that I'm just thinking -- I need a couple of weeks away.

And that is an amazing thought to me.

Frosty came up to Hamburg (surprised the shit out of me) the first week in August. He's coming back next week (the end of which is when my vacation starts). And that's pretty much the highlight of all things that are happening in the near future. We're gonna pre-record next month's radio show together (because we'll be in Copenhagen). We're gonna meet up with Schmiddy and not eat meat. We're just gonna get super connected emotionally...just like in this comic strip:

Damn, indeed.

Speaking of which, you should check out Frosty's tumblr blog. That's where I saw the image above. I've wanted him to do a blog for so long (I also wanted to start one with him, maybe some other day). It's a nice little media mix and reflection of his views. Plus, he finds so much interesting stuff (some German, some English)

Eight days to go til he's here and 9.5 til my vacation starts.

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