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Friday, January 06, 2012

Radio Drama (Part Infinity)

I haven't posted any new RAP statt EKG radio news in awhile simply because I haven't really done a live show since September (unless you count the special guest DJ in November). Fridays can often be meeting-heavy at work, plus I thought it would totally be a great idea to schedule my therapy appointments for every Friday at 9am.

I realized what a horrible scheduling mistake I had made basically the first Friday when I had therapy, a shit ton of meetings at work and then had to somehow jet off to the radio station by 5pm to go on air. So I pre-produced when I could, did a handful of shows live in the studio and then the rest were just old shows from the back catalog of classics. No need to post that ish up again.

Luckily this year I've been able to switch around some stuff so that Fridays shouldn't be that much of a problem anymore. Unfortunately, once again, I find myself honestly contemplating looking for either a new station or some sort of radio alternative.

I had anticipated doing a live show last month, but had to cancel it at the last minute. Instead, I just dropped off a show from 2010 and then went back to work.

Here's sort of where the trouble started. This particular show contained a song by the German rap group K.I.Z. Yeah yeah, I already know what you're going to say, Schmiddy, but I see it as a clever parody of the "Hey minorities, keep ya head up/stay in school/ you can do it, if you believe in yourself enough" genre of rap songs. If you think about it, you know the exactly the type of song that I'm talking about. On the whole a positive message, but ultimately a message that rarely addresses the underlying causes of social inequality and institutionalized racism.

The song does contain explicit lyrics (I mean really explicit); however, in my opinion (even as a non-native speaker), the sarcasm and purposeful contradictions in the lyrics are very apparent. But perhaps I overestimated the listeners' ability to pick up on that or have an understanding of the context. At any rate, a listener complained, accused me of playing homophobic and antisemtic music (based on two lines of text lifted out of the total context)...and a drama baby burst forth through the radio station's womb.

Mind you, the song is from a show that already took place 2010 and in the original airing received zero complaints.

This time, however, it did and for the next show, I have to make an on-air apology. I don't really want to do it, because...well, I don't think that there's anything to apologize for.

But since I'd just rather get it over with and move on, I'll compose a statement...I'll read it on air in German...possibly even over the instrumental to the song in question.

And then I'll play this song right after

And dedicate it to Ingo M. aus Hamburg.


mofo from do said...

quit radio, become a podcaster. then you can publish what you want, present it the way you want it and do it when you want it.

lebrookski said...

yeah that's looking like the road i'll be taking. however, i need to research more about the whole music aspect of it, which could be tricky.