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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Filler Post #62 - F********CK!!!!!!!

I know I'm coming up on 5 consecutive years in Deutschland away from family and friends. The last time I went home was when my dad passed away. My mother suffers from very, very late stage Alzheimer's. I love my family dearly; I miss my Oklahomies like crazy. I have fairly limited financial resources and a finite number of vacation days per year that I hoard, because I'm in a long distance relationship with an awesome dude with whom I enjoy spending time... 

That said... 

the concoction pictured above is (as crazy/sad as it sounds) something that so fires up my engines...jet engines that say, "Go to there...and eat of that." I know that it won't even look like that scrumptulous picture. But holy fuck, people. If you're so dead inside to not realize that a taco in a Doritos taco shell is isn't the most awesome taco-based news that you've ever heard...then just leave now. Never come back to my blog, because I don't think we'll ever see eye to eye on anything. Also, I'll hate you. Forever. 

Because you're an idiot.

Lastly, Germany....please get on this shit, ASAP!!

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