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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Filler Post #65 - Everyday I'm tumblring

I started a tumblr blog for the following reasons:

1.) A large chunk of my day is spent on the internet. I come across a lot of different media and don't necessarily want to expound upon it in my typical narrative style.

2.) My interests and personal/political beliefs are many and varied, but that's not what this blog has ever really been about and I don't want it to be about that. I'm not going to make Superman/Clark Kent analogies, but maybe it's a little bit like that.

3.) Not everyone I know is on Facebook. On the other hand, my Facebook is now chock full of work colleagues and I'm too lazy to make the groups and shit. Not that I care about what they think of my personal beliefs (it's not like I'm hiding them)...I guess that I'm saying that FB is kinda played out.

4.) The UI is fairly intuitive and quick, not all awkward and shit like the new Blogger interface.

5.) I like to change it up sometimes. 

So, you can subscribe to that (as well as this), I'll be maintaining both from now on.


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