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Friday, April 20, 2012

No, "bi" as in bicycle

It took forever, but I did manage to recently get my hands on another bike. I need to get the light attached in more of a not falling off way and I need to get a lock to prevent another theft. Anyway, bicycle thieves are the worst...


(Drawn from memory. Possibly different from the original)

Last week, my bike was stolen in front of the uni. It is a 3-speed bike with a lightning bolt on the side and a fox tail. The fox tail and lightning bolt have possibly been removed. The bike was brand new from the shop.

No reward!

I don’t want this bike back. I only made this flyer in order to tell you that I hate you, bicycle thief. I hope that you ride my bike without a helmet and are run over by a monster truck. I hope my bike takes you straight to hell.

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