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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Danger Dan - Ölsardinenindustrie

I don't remember when Frosty first mentioned the German hip-hop collective Antilopen Gang to me. It was definitely a few years ago, quite possibly when they were still known as Anti-Alles-Aktion. And I'm pretty sure that I didn't really start to pay attention until I heard the first Danger Dan EP, which came out in 2008, but I didn't hear it until around 2010-2011.

Over the last few years, I've become more receptive to hip-hop beats that veer off into electro/synthy beats territory. A lot of that is due to Frosty's influence (400+ Daily & Occasional Tight Songs will do that to you -- also, note to self: I haven't updated that list in awhile). That said, my ears overwhelmingly perk up for the more chilled-out, sample/analog instrument sound. That's why I feel like an old person in hip-hop (No YOLO). And that's basically also why Danger Dan is probably the most acoustically appealing member of the Antilopen Gang to me.

Anyway, he came out with a new EP a couple of months back. I haven't yet posted this video (and I guess, for all intents and purposes, the title track), so here I go.

If you want the whole EP, you can download it here for freeeeeeeee

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