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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Night Videos 7

I'm pretty sure that taste in music isn't something that's sexually transmitted...otherwise...well, I think there'd be a few people out there who have slightly better taste in music than they had before they met me.

Keeping that last bit in mind, I do believe that the music of the Antilopen Gang the one of the best things that Frosty ever introduced into my life. Ok, there are a few other things...they're pretty much my fave thing in German hip-hop right now.

Koljah & Danger Dan - Traurige Clowns

And...I'll keep listening to the Danger Dan & NMZS "Aschenbecher" album until something else captures my interest.

Danger Dan & NMZS - Kontaktanzeige

Danger Dan & NMZS - Lebensmotto Tarnkappe

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