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Thursday, May 09, 2013

That Escalated Quickly

Part Progress Quest, part WTF....Candy Box has captured my attention for the past week or so. Mostly off and on, but I've found myself in meetings thinking, "I need more candy" or "I need more lollipops". And, neither of the actual candy or lollipops...but yes...more, more, MORE!!!
Last week, my boss sent around the link to the entire department with a cryptic message, "Just be patient...there's more."

Clicking the link, you don't see much more than this:
"You have ___ candies!" (a candy timer that increases with each second). Because I have no patience, I just kept alternating between eating candies and throwing candies on the ground. With no effect, until I actually had real work to do and just happened to leave the browser open.
A week later, I have a lollipop farm that churns out 100 lollipops per second; a powerful, flaming chocolate sword; and a cauldron with which I can craft powerful potions to get me through various quests.

One of the most simple, yet clever games that I've encountered this year.
Thumbs Up!

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