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Saturday, June 08, 2013

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Remember when I wrote about the game Geoguessr and how it kind of seemed like it would make a good kidnapping sim? Apparently an indie developer in Hungary had the exact same idea or they're big fans of my oh-so-highly-influential/only-tangentially-related-to-gaming blog. Who knows? Let's just go with the latter.

The game is called Pursued and it's pretty much the same concept as Geoguessr, except:

  • The intro scene explaining the kidnapping premise
  • The levels are pre-determined (i.e. you aren't dropped off in random spots each time).
  • It's time-sensitive. You get re-captured, if you can't escape in 5 minutes.
  • Dramatic kidnapping sountrack music in the background
  • You're forced to like the Facebook page to get past level 6 (which is wack, because Geoguessr exists and I can just go there and leave Pursued running in another tab to get the full, dramatic musical experience)
There are 15 some odd levels (currently?) available in Pursued. If you're reading this, Hungarian devs, I have a few questions:
  1.  Why is the game not over after Level 1? I know, I didn't think of it myself before, but now that I've seen it come to fruition, all I can think about is, "Why the fuck do I keep getting kidnapped all the time?"
  2. The reason why I'm getting kidnapped all the time isn't by any chance revealed on your Facebook page, is it? I'm not really into link/like bait, but, hey, I'm a Narrative Designer now and these things matter to me for some reason.
  3. Questions #1 & #2 raise the ultimate question of, "Who am I in this game?" - I've either done something to massively piss off these kidnappers or I'm an incredibly rich/famous/somehow important person. Or just super unlucky.
  4. Slightly less important, but along the same lines, "Who are my kidnappers?" Obviously some sort of worldwide shadowy shadow group. They've got the funds and resources to move me all over the world (at least all over the world where there is conveniently Google Street View available). Is it Google? Has Google kidnapped me? Why would Google do that? Does it have anything to do with PRISM? Oh shit, someone's coming! I have to get out of here now...I...tell my family, I...
[Connection terminated...]

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Anonymous said...

"I can just go there and leave Pursued running in another tab to get the full, dramatic musical experience)"