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Monday, June 10, 2013


How fucking insane is this new banner for my radio show?

I think it was definitely worth the wait. There's still some tweaking to do, because it's not quite Facebook cover pic material (though I think I have a temporary solution for that) and I've gotta come up with a better layout for the show's tumblr (plus, I forgot to log out of my main tumblr account, so I accidentally erased that layout). And there's eventually going to be some kind of logo. Still, it's pretty sweet, right?

This is the second big step in my radio re-vamp (after changing the name). Look at it...I mean, really look at it. It's me, but I'm an actual bird...and there's smoke coming out of my damn headphones.

I definitely can't take the credit for this. The homie Mario brought my shitty concept doodles to life, far exceeding my expectations.

Listen to the show on Friday, the music is gonna be legit good and I've got a cool picture now.

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