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Friday, August 30, 2013

Adventures in Narrative Design #4

Spent about 2 hours coming up with names for a cat character with an Indiana Jones vibe. The basic format being: US state name or  actually any geographic entity + cat pun + super common last name. The results were a mixed bag. A lot of them were really terrible.

Here are some highlights (and a few low, low, lowlights). Just sub in "Jones" as the last name for all of them. Smith, Brown, Jones...whatever. It's pretty interchangeable, in my opinion.
  • Catsylvania
  • Purrsylvania
  • Katzakhstan
  • Catmandu (barely even had to change this one!)
  • Catstantinopaw (quite a stretch)
  • Catalina Island
  • North / South Dakata
  • North / South Catolina
  • Catsatucky
  • Arkatsas
  • Oklahomeow
  • Nepawda
  • Meowsachusetts
  • Meowyland (we tacked "meow" to the beginning of every state that starts with 'M')
  • Felinida (probably the absolute worst one)
  • Upaw
  • Connecticat
  • Whiskernsin (this was actually my personal favorite with Meowsachusetts as a close second. "Ermegerd! Whiskernsin Jerns!")
Anyway, just wanted to show a pretty typical example of the kind of odd assignments that come my way sometimes. Usually there's a point where I'm thinking, "OMG, THIS IS ACTUALLY MY JOB. I'm getting paid for this right now." Not to mention, it's fun as hell when the whole team gets in on it.  So it's like 6 adults in a room riffing off of stupid cat puns. For our jobs. We're total professionals.

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