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Sunday, January 05, 2014

New old things

The next installment of how Schmiddy got his beard is still yet to come. I was doing some 2014 prep and then received a spontaneous visit from C.J.

Going through my box of paper crap (in the process of organizing that shit), I found this unassuming post card from a million years ago:

"Dude, we're gonna rule the world... just not starting from here."

This is basically from right after Schmiddy and I moved into our lair of awesomeness, but when he also had to spend months and months in Toulouse (France). A man of few words, I think his statement holds true to this day. The revolution will not begin in Toulouse...

Starting tomorrow, I'll be back at work. The next couple of months will be action packed, both personally and professionally. Maybe not world-changing or even world-conquering, but lots to come in 2014. 

Everything old is new again and what have you. Happy New Year, random people who stumble across my internet presence (either on purpose or accidentally).

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