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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Things I'd Rather Forget & Rappers I'd Like to Befriend

Thank goodness it's Sunday.

Normally, I'd be psyching myself up to face a new week, while clinging desperately to the last remnants of the weekend. Today, I'm totally ready to fast forward into the future just to put some distance between me and the abysmally stupid and embarrassing moments that I've inflicted upon myself in the past 7 days. While I'm no stranger to eating crow, putting my foot in my mouth, or being caught with my pants down (in both the literal and idiomatic sense), I feel like these instances took place in rapid succession this week. Some involved booze, some didn't...but, yep, I'm in the grip of a nasty shame spiral. Not bottomless, by any means, but intense enough to make me want to retreat from everything for the next few days until it all blows over. Or take a handful of Forget-Me-Nows.

It all basically started on Monday, when the head of my department at work walked up behind me while I was watching a YouTube playlist of Awkwafina videos (and doing work, of course). But specifically, he walked up to me right around this point in the video for "My Vag":

And it was kind of all downhill from there.

I won't front, some pretty great things happened this week. I made some homemade beef jerky, for example, and it wasn't a complete disaster (shouts to Supa D, "Giiiirl, I done did some DIY shit!"). I found an Edeka supermarket that sells 3 different types of tortilla wraps and one of those types comes in 3 different sizes as well as a host of other taco night ingredients (Hint: It's the Edeka in the Neue Große Bergstraße). A co-worker brought Girl Scout cookies back from the States and I (only) ate three Thin Mints! After I write this, I'm going to watch Catching Fire...

However, those morsels of elation were sandwiched between slices of embarrassment that I will only reference vaguely here. Luckily, the coming week is packed with a host of distractions, the most important being my radio show. As you can probably guess, I'll be playing a couple of Awkwafina tracks from her first (as far as I know) album Yellow Ranger, which came out last month...but I didn't find out about that until this month. Anyway, it's lyrical, hilarious, and filthy. So, basically everything I love in an album and an emcee.

I'll be doing the whole 2 hours of emcees who just happen to to be ladies this month in celebration of International Women's Day (which was yesterday, but my show is always like a week later). I hope to offset how, the rest of the year, my ratio of male to female emcees can be disturbingly low. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to not get stuck on the same artists every year, but a challenge is just what I need right now.

So here's to making better decisions and to this week being better than last!

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