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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Turn My Headphones Up - March 2014

This was actually my first real show of the year, since both January and February were repeats. In January, I procrastinated too long and didn't have enough time to prepare anything. Then, in February, I was sick.

However, since the end of December and for the first time since starting at FSK, I'd been toying with the idea of ending the show altogether. Ok, that's not completely true. There have been times when I considered quitting, but those were more rage-quit-because-of-some-internal-radio-station-squabble and not because I simply no longer felt like being on the radio. This was different: no backup or alternative plan to stay on the air.

It probably doesn't help that the radio station might be moving to a different part of the city and I might have to quit anyway, if the commute between the office and the station is too far apart. Internally, I've just decided to keep going until all of that is settled and see whether or not I'm just in a slump.

This month's show was pretty good, in my opinion. At least, I was very pleased about the song selection. As usual, I like to do a Women in Rap show at least once a year. At first, I always think it's going to be difficult to put together a playlist. Then, once I get started, it quickly becomes apparent that two hours is probably not enough. I think I could have easily kept going. The best part is that it just felt really good putting the show together and listening to a bunch of tracks old and new. It's a nice reminder of why I actually have a radio show. It's not to convert people to hip-hop or be the best DJ or moderator's just about playing music that I like and it's just an added bonus if other like it too.

I wasn't able to print out my notes and they changed the setup in Studio 1 a little bit, so I'm kinda rambling off the top of my head. I owed a few people a few shout-outs, so those are in there too.

Check out the playlist here and you can listen in after the jump.

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