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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Happy Hamburg Things

My favorite escalator in Hamburg @ Gänsemarkt (Caffamacherreihe/Valentinskamp exit).
The white sign reads "Vorübergehend feste Treppe", which basically means "temporary stairs". It's possible that the same sign is used in other Hamburg subway stations, but I've only seen it here and it makes me giggle every morning on my way to work. 

"Kult" is a dive bar in Hamburg-Barmbek. I wouldn't call it the diviest of dive bars, but it's probably up there. It's also become an in-joke between me and a few coworkers who live in nearby Bramfeld. A handful of times after our company's weekly Beer Thursday gathering, I've been roped into going to Kult for a beer/shot nightcap. I say "roped", because I was well past my cutoff point. I won't say that I'll go anywhere, if offered a free taxi ride... but a free taxi ride that will basically get me to my front door is pretty hard to pass up. Last Thursday, I took my houseguest to Kult and we talked to a guy who looked like a cross between Gandalf and "Cautionary Tales of Swords"-star Trip Fisk.

All graffed up around the Delphi Showpalast and brand new Edeka on Eimsbütteler Chaussee. 
I'm 100% sure that these were legally commissioned pieces by Ray de la Cruz, since most of the graffiti was either about grocery shopping or cabaret theater, but the random "My Boyfriend Loves Spraypaint" was a wonderfully out-of-place sentiment. 

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