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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Filler Post #75 - Dulce monito

Picture to scale. 
My head is easily the size of (at least) six Galaxy-class starships in real life. 

Whoa... finally updating. 2015 has been wild, y'all, and it's only March. The last post is over a month old, but it's definitely proof of this year starting off in a crazy good way. I hinted at a few big things on the horizon in Filler Post #74 back around the end of January. Now, around 2 months later, the horizon is now my reality. How you like them apples?

I'd describe the feeling as a "cautious euphoria", which is kinda (probably, most likely?) an oxymoron. However, I've come to the realization in the past few weeks that my caution is very likely the consequence of spending roughly the last decade of cringing in anticipation of the next bad thing to happen. I also realize that makes it sound like the past ~9 years were horrible. I mean, we could measure metaphorical sadness dicks and I'd probably be above average in both length and girth (with regards to first world sadness dicks, of course) -- but what about the metaphorical motion in the ocean? There were plenty of really great moments during that time, too. Even I can see that. It's just that the not-great stuff in between was so fundamentally nerve-wracking that I fear it's made me more cynical than I ever intended or imagined. I'm acutely aware of how quickly the tide can turn. 

It's a hard feeling to let go. Probably because it's an easy feeling to hold on to.

Talking about it with Mama M. today, I mentioned knocking on wood for the umpteenth time. Ever the voice of reason, she said, "Es läuft bei dir! Vergiss das nicht." (In 1990s parlance... "You got it goin' on! You betta recognize, girlfriend.")

And, in der Tat, I've got it goin' on in 2015 (so far and more to come):
  • Interviewed my very favorite artist
  • Gonna interview more people this year (ok, at least one other person)
  • Maybe gonna DJ a party for the radio station (whhhaaaa?!)
  • Moving on up, professionally, to project manager (spreadsheets ftw wtf!!!)
  • Hanging out with friends like Mama M., Buche, and Super Friend on the riggity-regular again. (Wooooo!)
  • Gotta brand new boo who is so awesome sauce that I'd pour him on top of an awesome sundae and gobble him up, except I want him to keep cheering me on and keep being awesome with me.

I could get used to this...

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