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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Radio Update

It's been a minute (*coughcough* or two) since I've updated around here. But hopefully I'll be able to start again by putting something up at least every other week or so. Even if it's just a music mix.

Yes, yes... radio... that's still a thing I do. Except by the end of last year, I was pretty burnt out on the whole thing and quit in late October/November... and then un-quit by December and did my "first" new show in January. It's new because instead of broadcasting monthly, it's now only bi-monthly. Pros: I don't feel pressure if the Radio Express barreling down on my every 3 weeks. Cons: I mostly have to abandon any type of pretense or schtick that implies that what I'm playing is in anyway the latest anything. Any "news" feels just way outdated by the time I go on the air. Pro: This also makes it easier to just play a wider range of older stuff as well.

I've enjoyed the overall quality of my mixes this year. Duncan gave me a nice DJ controller for my birthday this year and I've been playing around a lot with that. And... I thought that if I'll only be on the air every other month, the least I could do is post a few mixes between shows. Shorter, possibly themed playlists. Maybe stuff that I couldn't fit into the show. The first one is called TMHU presents Jean Luc Bacardi and I'm very proud of it.

Additionally, I'll be posting the playlists again on And, in this month's show, my guest and former co-moderator Zilv did an interview with UK rapper Ray Vendetta. But since the sound is pretty jacked up, there is also a transcript on the show site.

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