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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

¡¿Qué he hecho?! Parte 1: El Rey

My postings have been few and far between. A wise friend once said, "Yeah, it's pretty easy not to write when everything is awesome." I concur. Still, my blog isn't about good or bad. It's about amusing me. Right now, I'm making an honest effort to learn a third language - the ol' Español. Each week in class, we have to write a short paragraph in present perfect answering the question, "What did you do this past week(end)?"  These post will be about (mostly fake) shit that I do (mixed with real shit or not #obfuscation). Always in terrible Spanish... with what I intended to write after the cut. Just like when I was in 7th grade German class, but with a slightly better grasp of grammar. Enjoy!

Normalmente soy una organizadora de proyectos, pero esta semana he sido un rey. Sí. Un rey. No una reina. Rey Guillermo "el Inteligente". Rey Federico "el Joven" . Rey Balduino "el Amante". He sido muchos reyes. En realidad son un rey y una organizadora de proyectos no muy diferentes. Mejores joyas quizás. Principalmente son los dos una mierda.

Como un rey he tomado muchas decisiones, buenas y malas. La iglesia, la gente, y el militar han preguntado todos el día y todos han querido muchos dineros. He acordado también un trato con el diablo. Aparte de la muerte repetiva y la resurrecciòn inmediata... ha estado no muy malo. El trato con el papa ha sido peor.

Así... esta semana he muerto mil muertes. Vale... exactamente 92 muertes...

A rey muerto, rey puesto

Reigns @ Devolver Digital

In real life, I'm a lady project manager, but this week I was a king. Yes. A king. Not a queen. King William the Intelligent. King Frederick the Young. King Boudouin the Lover. I was a lot of kings. In reality, a king and a lady project manager aren't very different. Maybe better jewelry. But mostly both are a bit shit.

As a king, I had to make many decision. good and bad. The church, the people, and the military asked questions all day and everyone wanted lots of money. I made a deal with the devil. Aside from the repetitive deaths and the immediate resurrections... it wasn't that bad. The deal with the pope was worse.

So... this week, I died a thousand deaths. Ok... exactly 92 deaths...

The king is dead, long live the king

Reigns @ Devolver Digital

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