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Monday, November 28, 2016

The One Who Got Away (Part 3)

In contrast to registering for the citizenship test, taking the test is pretty straightforward.
I arrived at my assigned testing center 20-ish minutes before the prescribed start. And, because this is professional level Ausländershit, I was not the first to arrive. There were at least 15 bureaucratically-seasoned test takers already there. Respect. We all knew what was up.
Like I mentioned previously, there's a pool of 300 questions + Bundesland (state) specific questions. But I'm going into this with some 20+ years of learning German history and culture. Go to the iTunes store or Google play and get a free/well-rated app. Do all the questions at least once or twice (more if you find it difficult) and then just do practice tests until you feel "comfortable enough".
For me, comfortable enough meant that regardless of the constellation of questions, I could answer 20 with 100% confidence (you need 13 correct to pass). I don't think I ever got 33 correct, but I consistently got 28 - 30 correct.
Mind you, I almost exclusively just did practice tests and only did the whole 300 question pool twice.
The test proctor was very nice and experieced. She explained the procedure for marking questions and how to make corrections very clearly. She also gave everyone some great advice before beginning, namely: If you're not sure... then guess. Wrong answers don't result in  points off and there's a 25% chance your answer is right.
I think... at worst I got a 26... but I'm think more along the lines of 28-29. It falls in my testing range and it's over 13. I'll update in 3-6 weeks when I get the results.

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